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If you live and breathe the fascination of Sea sports, or in the Lakes and the water still thrills you, then often when you go on vacation in a new location you would be able to practice your favorite water sports, but the centers who practice them are not easy to find. In addition, more often than not they are located in very unusual areas and often outside the centers of the seaside resorts.

Blue Dreamingwas born for this reason and is the link between those who want to do water sports and those who offer them, a bit, like Tripadvisor and Booking are for those looking for an accommodation.

The first Italian portal of aquatic sports has born from the desire to offer a universe of possibilities to live fully the seas, the rivers, and the lakes. The water offers millions of differents emotions so everybody can choose his favorite: the relax of a yoga session while riding a stand up paddle board, the adrenaline of an uncontrolled run on the water attached to a kitesurf, the challenge of riding a big wave or the excitement of a quick river descent.

From now on, you will know where to live your dream on the water, simply by choosing the center from the comfort of your home.When you then buy a course, an event or a rental, you will automatically be sent an email with the voucher of your purchase / reservation, where you will also find the address of the center to reach it comfortably and a link that refers to the info of the purchased service.

Come on now, and book today on BlueDreaming your dream on the water and have fun!


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