Terms and conditions of service

Terms and Conditions of service

With the present service contract, valid for any legal purposes between: SUP ITALY Dreaming on the water Amateur Sports Association, based in Misano Adriatico (RN) 47843 – Via E. Ferrari, no. 25 Cod. Fisc./P.IVA 0431 144 0400, in person of the President Mrs. Beatrice Piccioni, hereinafter also SUP ITALY ASD and the User


  1. 1) That SUP ITALY ASD is a non-profit association that operates throughout the national territory and not in order to promote the values of sport, or contributing to the recreational, entertainment, cultural and civil development of members and citizens and to the ever-widespread diffusion of democracy and solidarity in human relations.
    To promote the practice of sports and cultural aspects of sports disciplines of sports that use surf boards, wind surfing, kite surfing, canoeing, kayak, water skiing, rafting, sailing and derivatives, motorized water sports, wake boarding, dragon boat, and in particular the one called Stand up paddle (SUP) in all its variations, the equestrian sports on the beach, intended as a means of psycho-physical training and moral of the members through the management of all forms of competitive activity, recreational and every another type of motor activity and not suitable to promote the knowledge and sporting practice.
  1. 2) That the User recognizes and authorizes SUP ITALY and the BLUE DREAMING brand to use its name, data, images and videos as per the explicit the privacy authorization signed separately.All of this premised:


That SUP ITALY will provide a User presentation page on its portal www.bluedreaming.it, containing address, telephone number, school specifications, geolocation and / or photography / etc.

It will allow the User to access the exclusive offers offered by SUP ITALY ASD employees.

It will allow access via the internet to the use of the system called “ADD YOUR EVENT” which will allow the User to produce, publish and share their proposal on the www.bluedreaming.it portal.

The User authorizes SUP ITALY to collect on its behalf the economic offers proposed by the ASD User, and through the website www.bluedreaming.it.

The user will communicate to SUP ITALY The Reservation Code written on the customer’s voucher, or send with email to SUP ITALY a copy of the voucher relating to the services performed, and consequently SUP ITALY ASD will make the transfer of the sums collected on its behalf.
The communication of the Reservation Code or the scanning copies of the valid vouchers sent by email, it will be the only way to demonstrate the actual right to collect the cash from the service.

The User will be associated with SUP ITALY ASD for the current year, through the payment of € 80 (eighty euro) to be paid by credit card or bank transfer to c / c 5000/1000/149731 at Banca Prossima with IBAN IT81 I033 5901 6001 0000 0149 731 and with the reason of payment: “current year membership fee” or with the payment systems available online at the site.

The duration of this contract is set from today’s date for a calendar year. At the end of the period, the contract will terminate without further notice.

The parties expressly agree that any violation of the obligations assumed by the parties with the present contract is the cause of termination of the contract.

For any dispute between the parties regarding the interpretation, execution and effectiveness of this contract and of the acts or reports deriving therefrom, the Court of Rimini will be the only court.



In the case of highly adverse and continuous weather conditions, it is possible that a center is not able to conduct a course booked by a user who has a limited period of access to that center (for example a holiday). In this case, the voucher will remain valid at the center for one year from the date of purchase.

If instead the center decides not to extend the customer voucher, it will be necessary to communicate the decision to BlueDreaming, which will provide the customer with a replacement Voucher to access another center that accepts the “Exchange Voucher”.

A user who has purchased a course at a facility where he has not been able to use it due to weather reasons, may spend it within one year from the date of purchase at any center that has accepted the “Voucher Exchange” option with these conditions (also shown on the user’s voucher):

  1. For the same service or for a service of the same amount
  2. For a higher amount of service by paying the difference directly to the school that will accept the voucher.

The Associated center will then send the voucher to BlueDreaming which will perform the transfer and invoice in the same way as for a normal voucher, described in the previous point.

It is not possible for the user to split the courses at two or more BlueDreaming Associates.


In the event of highly adverse weather conditions, it is possible that an event will be permanently postponed or canceled by the organization. In this case, if the service involves a cost, the amount paid will be totally reimbursed by BlueDreaming to the user who made the purchase, after confirming of not using the service, communicated to him by the BlueDreaming Associate.

In case of variation of the date of the event on behalf of the center that offers the service (causes of force majeure), the Voucher will be valid until the new date and in any case no later than one year from the date of the event.

BlueDreaming is not responsible for the lack of punctuality problems or from the absence of the user to the event proposed by the center and does not respond in any way.

  • The Regulations for the publications on the portal

The BlueDreaming Member, who uploads photos and / or images on our portal, certifies, warrants and declares to own the copyrights, and accepts that BlueDreaming may use the photos and / or images on its portal, in promotional material and publications both online and offline, in the ways that BlueDreaming deems appropriate. The Associate grants BlueDreaming, the right and license to use, reproduce, modify, show, communicate and otherwise make available photos and / or images in the manner that BlueDreaming deems appropriate.

The person who uploads the photos and / or images assumes full legal and moral responsibility for any third party claims following the publication and use of the above photos and / or images by BlueDreaming. It also guarantees the truthfulness and validity of all photos and / or images uploaded, that they do not contain viruses or infected files, illegal, pornographic, offensive material, and that photos and / or images do not infringe any intellectual property right, author or third-party privacy.

Photos and / or images that do not comply with the criteria listed above will be removed / deleted from BlueDreaming at any time and without any notice. Likewise, it will be removed / deleted even any obscenities and offensive references to the names of individuals, sexually explicit expressions, promotion of illegal activities, incitement to hatred and violence, racism, vulgarity, discriminatory content, threats, attacks to people and collaborators of BlueDreaming and all the comments with a political background.

BlueDreaming assumes no liability arising from the photos and / or images published. The data, prices, and information provided by the BlueDreaming Members through our portal are exclusively under their responsibility for everything related to the update of prices, terms and conditions, the truthfulness and all other information displayed on their behalf on our portal as BlueDreaming is not able to verify and ensure the authenticity nor the accuracy of information, and cannot be held responsible for errors or inaccurate or false information submitted by the Associate on the portal, nor for interruption of service of any kind (failure / upgrade / repair / maintenance of the platform or other).

It is not possible to address to BlueDreaming any legal rights related to problems with the BlueDreaming Associate services purchased / booked by a user.

  • Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise specified, the software used for our services or available on our Platform and the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the content, the information and the material on our Platform is owned by BlueDreaming.
Nobody is allowed to copy, publish, and use individually or with others our content and or our brand, in the absence of our express written approval. In the event that a person uses or matches the contents of our platform or our logo, in any content, he will be forced to transfer all of these intellectual property rights to BlueDreaming. Any use not in compliance with the law or any of the actions listed above, will be prosecuted as a violation of our intellectual property rights, our copyrights and of our databases.

  • Jurisdiction

For anything not expressly indicated in this text, the parties refer to the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable regulations.
For any dispute concerning this agreement, the competent court will be that of the Municipality of Rimini.