Terms of sale

Terms and Conditions
The following Terms and Conditions and any future changes, apply to all our services provided via any mobile web device or by telephone. By using our web services, from any device and / or any of our applications, such as booking or purchasing a service offered by our BlueDreaming members, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions below reported, including the privacy statement, available on the BlueDreaming portal.
1) Specifications of our service.
The services provided by BlueDreaming (trademark owned by “SUP ITALY Dreaming on the water ASD” Cod. Fisc./P.IVA 0431 144 0400) consist of an online service that allows visitors to the portal www.bluedreaming.it, the purchase, the reservation or the rental of the proposals and services indicated by its Associates. BlueDreaming acts exclusively as an intermediary between visitors to the portal and the center that offers the service, sending an email of the purchase / booking, containing the data of the booking and automatically sending an email to the user of the service for the confirmation, called Voucher. BlueDreaming does not offer or sell any products and is not responsible for the service that the center offers it.The data, prices and the information provided by the BlueDreaming Members through our portal are simply under their own responsibility for everything related to the updating of prices, Terms and Conditions, and with regard to information, as far as our profile. BlueDreaming is not able to verify and guarantee the truthfulness of the information, and it cannot be held responsible for any errors, or any inaccurate, misleading or false information, or for interrupting the service of any kind (breakdowns / upgrades / and the maintenance of the platform or other issues).
Each Associate is responsible at all times for the accuracy, the completeness and the correctness of the information (even descriptive), including rates / costs / prices, rules and conditions, and the availability, on our platform. It is not possible to advance the rights associated with the service provider, to the service furnisher.
2) Payments
Payment is securely debited to your credit / debit card. Any payment managed on behalf of the BlueDreaming associate and later transferred to the BlueDreaming associate will constitute in any case a payment by the user of the service.
BlueDreaming is not to be held responsible for any charge from extraneous parties, which should be considered as non-standard use of your credit card by third parties. In order to make a refund, you must report to your credit card provider and contact us immediately by e-mail.
3) Rates and refunds
All amounts are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise indicated. The voucher gives the possibility to use the service within one year from the time of purchase, period after which it becomes unusable.

The center reserves the right not to carry out the courses to those who are not considered suitable at the discretion of the person in charge of the service offered. In this case, it will obtain the reimbursement through BlueDreaming of the amount spent by the user who purchased the service, or replace it with another service of the same cost, whichever suits the user.
In special cases, for example for COURSES, EVENTS or the rentals, offered by an Amateur Sports Association A.S.D., it will be mandatory to register with the Association in order to take advantage of the services offered (most often included in the cost of the course).In case of adverse weather, the course could be postponed or canceled by the organization. In this case, the reservation voucher will remain valid for one year at the BlueDreaming Member who offers the service or in the event that the user is unable to attend it at that facility, with another Associate who offers the “Always Satisfied Voucher Exchange” service with the specifications indicated in the Voucher.
In case of a change of the date for the event on behalf of the center that offers it, the voucher is valid until the new proposed date and not later than one year from the purchase / reservation.
In the case of highly adverse weather conditions, or other impeding dangers or reasons beyond our control, the event could be postponed or canceled definitively from the organization. In this case, if the service involves a cost, the amount paid will be totally reimbursed to the user who made the purchase. To obtain any compensation for an event not enjoyed due to the cancellation, you must inform BlueDreaming via email at info@bluedreaming.it, with the specific request, attaching the scan of the unused voucher, signed by the manager of the center and indicating the bank details to which BlueDreaming must repay.Please note that the refund will be up to the amount of the cost of your reservation.
All requests must be submitted to BlueDreaming as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days from the date on which the event had to be held. Complaints and requests received after 30 days will be rejected, and the applicant will have to give up any right for compensation.
BlueDreaming is not responsible for problems of non-punctuality or absence of the user to the event proposed by the center and does not respond in any way.
4) Disclaimer clause
BlueDreaming is not responsible for the validity, quality, and adequacy of the service offered by its Associate. By purchasing through our platform, you declare and accept that the associated BlueDreaming Associate is solely responsible and assumes all the responsibility for the service you have purchased.The service provider must manage any complaints or claims regarding the service.
With all the details indicated in these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law, BlueDreaming may be held liable only for direct and immediate damages actually incurred, caused by our non-compliance with the commitments that we should have performed. The compensation may be up to the amount of the cost of your reservation. In order to complete and finalize the purchase of the service successfully we require that you provide us with a valid e-mail address. BlueDreaming is not responsible in case of incorrect or non-existent e-mail addresses, phone numbers or credit card numbers, nor should we verify their accuracy or their actual existence.
5) Intellectual property rights
Nobody is allowed to copy, publish, and use individually or with others our content and or our brand, in the absence of our express written approval. In the event that a person uses or matches the contents of our platform or our logo, in any content, he will be forced to transfer all of these intellectual property rights to BlueDreaming. Any use not in compliance with the law or any of the actions listed above, will be prosecuted as a violation of our intellectual property rights, our copyrights and of our databases.
6) Jurisdiction
For anything not expressly indicated in this text, the parties refer to the provisions of the Civil Code and other applicable regulations.
For any dispute concerning this agreement, the competent court will be that of the Municipality of Rimini.